Off eating pie and valuing the heart.
at work with stuff and eating pie.
thank you for understanding
as I eat pie.




Hello, I am apt to clean up this page.
My automated web jackal is in fact on vacation.
With that being so, I wish to categorize a section to write and describe the importance of fables and to also have sections dedicated to song, writing about each song, and hopefully inferring the bridges between song character and atmosphere.
That completes fully what my new tattoo across my torso says (in script print.)

I would intend very much, also, to write about trauma experiences of the human life and how that develops or with a stern approach, can develop the extrasensory experiences of an individual. Often leading them into being the questioning and explorative type as for consciousness study as well as wishing to earn better understandings of the framework of personality types.
Sort of the "Why" people do certain things, and, over time, what to do about collected excess trauma energies and how to build yourself into a more viable and able person willing to self-train and rise in your own potential.

It's an interesting subject that connects how people initially get into behaviors that are addictive or self-damaging, into which I propose most of humanity has some sort of sense of what can be labelled a "death urge." I would connect the idea that people do not fully encompass what is a broader amount of life energy into their beings, and that very often people defend being damaged, or embrace resisting helpful self-knowledge and ultimately "tension undoing."

 End the beingness of those who cause torture and trauma on this earth plane.



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(Coming soon)

08/2023: As of now I have several adventurous, fun, persona rambunctious story books completed. And I am looking for a publishing press and book company to create tangible, printed copies.



find, yea, a peaceful place to scribe your books.
Your works. Make them "you."
Invest imagination yet also
chance into what you do.
Persist like there is nothing else.
There is no choice in that,anyhow, about persistence.
Create tales. Develop skill. Challenge yourself.
And when inspiration comes
then let it be an easy thing

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Seeing through


Articles text header Rose Goldey


Here we do not invert nature. It is not a lot like the illusion of the world. It's raw and deliberate enough, in honesty, to be the real world.

Gun Factory Phantoms [Coming Soon]



Optimal Persona; Forest Dragons & Keeping to Nature's Vivid Child.
Tales of Staying Creatively Alive in a Persistent Buzzkill-pushing MediaWorld


Using your brain to safeguard the self-allowance to get results:
Is the Amygdala to be counted out,
and where is Buckminster Fuller in our
collective history? Find out more should
anybody survive the economic ultimative.

Following where my spirit takes me;
Who I Play Music For and Some Views and Experiences With "Doing Music for You" [09/13/2023]


Tarot; \\Bota|Golden Dawn//Sumeria_Kemet[before]
//Workshops;Vibratory Study; Introduction as to teach the Self. Separate site+.

Guitars Are Happiness

°Statement of Being°

°Finished  Love  Poem°

°Ominous Rats  &  Flying Lies°

°Tulsey's ultimate money problem°

PeAcE; Prosperity; The first
Gilgamesh tablets with shipping charge!

°where Fox bone bounces off golden plains
and spring with the fire of a tail in any °

I fear not

°where Fox bone bounces off golden plains°

Apophis Ark

°Cookie & Sneaker Koans, respectively.°

°Mid-awake trail-path°

°Baxter, Tuna Fish, and Debbie Reynolds°

°Important notes from 07/15/2012°

°How To Properly Piss Into the Wind°


°Now the Fox Again°


The Hierophant's Scroll (09/13/2023)

Go buy my albums and preach heavily to me about spiritualism

--Guitars are the most Beautiful thing--

I like fun. If you don't like fun, get away from me.

>>Go Full Dionysus (1/5/2024)

Re-Emerging After the Pendulum

~~Paper topics uploaded in a century~~~
+ Studies on Human Behavior;;;;The Era of Advertising&
Spirituality: How Sacral Symbols were Usurped toward a feel-good,
immediate-gratification culture.

Sumeria Gobekli-Tepi Early Kemet Deep:
established forerunners of tale and history redefined

~~Paper topics uploaded soon~~~
++ The Mirror in the face of Goddess Worship:
tonal frequencies & pop icons Idols.
Who is yur Yew in The Mirror?
what's fashionable, who is
along for the ride,
why the forced [culture] delirium
of anti-papacy divide?

And the Truth Shall Set


~~Paper topics uploaded soon~~~

+ Conversations with the Rock'n'roll dead:
Usurps of the attitude and experimentation of those
beloved and departed Change Agents. Before the
record industry barred the Magical Soul Rebel
from the trial of Youth.
An adept's tale into the Edge of Light.
Communications with those who Bled for you; then the Brands dispersed thereon.

+A Tension!
Currents, blockages, and the Freeing: A look at how temperment defines
personality, and how true flaw encodes reality. The original Seeds of the
world are given a look, and we define Integrity, Persistance & Stealth
through the Merit of customizing Humanity.
Is the total Peak of human encouraged?
How many lives may a single node live?
The Seven Opposites
in which only
|Balance| interrupts.|12>7>3

Click Here for high-trust society <coming soon>


the fox is ok you're probably the one with rabies

Goodness: Also, life is a lesson; Create wellness through attention.


Reviews page

A section in the process of !!ACHOO!!!



Character studies
Face of Janus
More lyrics soon.
Roots, seedlings, many trees.
Interviews with the accountant who yearly oversees the food habits of the lochness monster
You've heart it here first,



Eyelid Blip

She's Chain Smoking

Electric Lines

Grey Drift

Badness: Also,Everything that you
have to get good at in life
sucks quite a bit at first.
If you begin to enjoy the efforts
you can renew and reprogram
your patterns. and harvest
the reward of newer insights
and a redefined body and
conductive, bright spirit.

Rivers Pour Past

Cyborg Friend

Somebody's not wearing any socks

Been to Smokey Hills

Call Upon the Old Ones

Vienna's Ride


This Storm




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