I put a lot of tribulation into the birthing of this poem.
Thank you for reading this poem.




The band that nobody wanted to see:

Wear sunglasses, if you are the band nobody wanted to see
and play from a stage high enough
for that the appauled cannot reach to attack you.

Thank you,thank you (boooooo. boooo.)


There comes a time in every entity's life
that that entity will question the delivery of words
from that very mouth that goes on about "the power of suggestion."

In the Four corners of the world there's a Sphere that talks about Rhombuses.



the federal law    says it's against the law to  ditch federal law and   follow natural law, which,
if so done, would assume federal law as strictly unecessary under the unstrict law of natural law
which    abides by   the   actions of   following heart    and   taxing   no   one.
--- -
- -- -

Rus Grumble and Edward Stumple had only four days left to live
and if there were anything I could do about this
situation to change it I surely would.

Rus Grumble and Edward Stumple had the rest of their lives to live.
This would sum up to a life time of infinity unless either/or
became bored enough to select the choice of immediate expiration.

Changes can be made.
--- --


Is there a difference between too rowdy and being too rude,
how 'bout puking up the turnups and tossing cinders in the nude?
If lucky on the ninth, we can call the 8th 22
but that won't help bucky spivvit when in a lousy mood

So take your partner by the nasal and swing 'em round and round
'til their trousers turn to tullips and they make a moany sound
This is the secret of the ages like when Jasper stepped on shovels
and dug down past mudpuddles spitting up somber bubbles


Here comes the Sunday mailman flying through the air
Pope Gregory the 13th don't tussle up his hair