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"sounds like me at every job interview i have ever done in my life. That's why i'm always unemployed. If i do get hired, it's probably because they want me around for entertainment."
This page will be updated when it is. I need a manager for shows and that boring business side. (but maybe that kind of thing is fun for you! Inquire about being my manager!)
Also you can win a contest where I go around traversing and stay at your house for free


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Happily performing lots of open mics,
and lots of on the spot shows. & looking
to book
so go to contact if you would may
certainly so ever wish to arrange sound offs

•raw ascertained
no hand-me downs
pure new bloomed
•making history with
the ultra-phantoms


World Manul Day

Absolute Wombats! Wombat related celebrations
aptly put, are: each day all the time.




•Go Skateboarding Day portrait series gallery
ABC Cafe
pictures are avaiable hold on while
i go and get them

• Spat splipbitterous Pilot pen ink upon all
attendees of a ribbon-cutting event for
the ceremony of forced-Yuppification.
• kicked out from above indefinitely

• More prev events & their galleries added
soon. Presently trying to stay atop of
world's chaotic 'Kali Yuga' turmoil -
I'm sure you understand!

Live Kava Bar Solstice 12/21/2023

• Cleveland Centre of Thee! Arts.
More info added when I re-call!
Had wandered thru at the right time
when traversing and travelling with
Soil Finn when he was alive and
set up show.
That was a long time ago.

If you would like to contact me
to do a show music wise or any
pursuit unto which my website
offers in creativities, see the
contact area in the about section

lome marsupial portrait_photography 323

Celebrations of the Imagination




reinventions and healings
fox fizzle






Gimme Coffee art gallery  (State Street location) Ithaca,Ny 12/2019
click here for photographical evidence of the existence of this occurrence






Music 2023 check back for updated list

June 22nd 2023 Brookton's Market ~6-8
acoustic/songwriter set


Hopping on soon:
Event travel gallery/festival photography assignment archives

• 05/17/2013: Drove my Chevy to a levee

*Note to weblemur: add in appopriate resume of
weddings & boxparties, insect mantoid picnics,
spencer tracy lookalike contests, etc this dandy warthog
has played at or helped set up/arrange.*

Note is for weblemur only, not for casual browser
of this site reading this now.
If you live in the United Kingdom and have just read the above
without proper etiquette of warrant you will be teethened and tapperitized
by the Ministry of Dogmatic Ultra-Woe.



Photo & art galleries at
• ABC Cafe [Hoodlumikish photo series],
• CSMA of Ithaca [2 series gallery contribution],
• Cleveland Arts Festival
• Press Cafe of Ithaca [Like a Vulture photo series],
• Reciprocal Skateshop Brooklyn Nyc [handmade board art],
check back for others/ music dates, zine archives & such
I'm in a rush,
I've got to go,
I really must be on my way!

Photojournalism/&/Events portfolios:

Twenties Boxcar Social





NYC 2009 Photo Essay



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Lome Marsupial portrait photography
Watch 'A Night At The Opera' 26 times on repeat;