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A Leme Harot
Chameleon Shelter
Dance Like A Human(e) audio-workout!
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05/26/2021_RiverSafe (5:16) [7.23MB]
05/26/2021_Billboard_Dreams (4:50) [6.65MB]

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Shaking up Thought Thunder

The Journey Of Soil Finn 1

Bride of the East


Train tracks song

Eyelid Blip

Her Wings Home in the Empty Sky


Hot Water I

Mahked Fortall II


Call Upon the Old Ones

Yeti Wedding

Calendar Man

Through These Cellar Doors

She's Chain Smoking (Grey)

Little Bonehead

You Are Yours (Spine to Skin)

Curse of the Endless Blunderer


Woolie Bear Parachutes

The Devil's Junkmail

Echoes from your Lore


lome marsupial graphic art characters audio
Hear new Demos/Songs from 12/2021 to 06/2021


new, demos and upcoming ideas
warning:unfinished and/or lo-fi










VTemporary Dowloads: will be removed shortsome!V

The Long Morrow

Starfire Is a Hell Song

Angels Don't Stay at the Holiday Inne

Everyone in Town wants to Jump My Bones

Tin Beginner/ A Nice Horse

^Temporary Dowloads: will be removed shortsome!^



21 Flavors(11/2019)

Rivers Pour Past

Angel In An Animal (2013 version)

Bzmqibcfu Alphabet (2013 Version)

Regroup Yourselfs And Come Within

Peeing In An Entirely New Galaxy

First Summer Ice Memories

One Last Night


Show Me Your Soul

DNA Stuck In a Soda Can


[The Soon] Golden Ticket(11/2019)

Snuck out the Window(11/2019)

Broad Escape (11/2019)

The Devil's Printmaker

Bee Hive Guards

Certain Thrill












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