Unfinished Love Poem

I kept riding my motorcycle down past cheese factories and past breadcrumb towns
Falling in love with a whiteboard eraser can make you do some unquestionable acts
There's a wild confliction that scurries between holy roller vixen and tribal warrior
and somehow the vividly sharp smells of cheese factories did not make that go away

Remembering all of the times we used to pogostick together near the ocean
We avoided the crabs and held hands
We should have held hands after pogoing
but sometimes lessons are funner to learn the hard way.
Sixteen miles away from the cheese
and when the stink faded the memories were able to rush back more quickly

I remember you telling me "I think I exist, I'm pretty sure I exist"
but when we're all so pulled into our own dreams
sometimes it is a vague acknowledgement
Though somehow both of our dreams were able to merge smoothly
Somehow kissing you came naturally
and I remember playing "I left My Pastel On The Bed Cover And Woke Up Blue"
for you on the piano
You would sing to the rises and falls so beautiful
and fingertips touching became such a subtle thunder
that all of the sorority drunkards screwing like rabbits at that very moment
all added up
could not match the pristine joy of my thumb against your palm
which only meant that kissing
with all the time in the world
amounted to nothing that a memory could recreate
Yet every thought of it brought on such details rebirthed
Donkey Kong with all of the bananas in the world
could not have been happier
and I would burn a winning lottery ticket
if it meant being able to snatch you along with me
and flow on out of that hell hole

As the playdough towns sank after panic
we would simply reshape old buildings into gardens and vines
We would go to the phone company building
and turn it into a submarine
Then push it from the shore
and watch it float out into the forever
and sip smoothies out of crazy straws
and cover each other with yard sale stickers
only to have them peel off
when we skinny dipped in cranberry juice


Copyrat/Siamese-wrong/Gather me electric, to carry that song