Mid-Awake Trail Path [01] 11:43 PM; 11/07/2016


What becomes?

There are trails beyond trails beyond trails.

Some lead to district lines
but this one does not, does not,

does not

Trails take a leading into memories

some gusts past night-time lots

and emptied shop centers with window fog

and in-car heating

and spindles winding.

[[long pause. hydration. fifteen cups of coffee. extra

layers. two spearmint.]]

Trails: Those without barrier

are enticing, and tempting

and weigh away the pounds

that donuts might produce.

So up those trails!

and shins and calves

and nutrients

of exploration

say to live another-day.


The moon is very golden

and it looks just like a cradle

and I'm confident about one thing---


Copyrat/Siamese-wrong/Gather me electric, to carry that song