Electric Lines - She's Chain Smoking (Grey Puff)
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Ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh

She's chain smoking with her windows open
and she's near the back of the bus
The driver is on pills and the rest are asleep
in a county where you can buy trust
The rain falls hard yet despite all the moisture
bodies sit stretched near the curbs
From high rooftops a twenty something year old
He sits haywire beside the birds


He looks on down to those puddles below
and raindrops hit the water like drums
The bus below is relatively slow
and it shoots gas from the back to folks lungs


The lady on the bus she gets off at the next stop
and her requisite is for the wrong way
She steps out to the drenched world to the side
Led flies from the chamber her way
By the time he gets down from the top of the roof
her paint sept across the ground
back to the roof in a cloudy grey drift
never again to make it back down