Cyborg Friend



I've knocked a cyborg off its path
All both of us did was laugh
We'd laugh for days we'd laugh for nights
We saw the flesh folks then had a fight
I said I knew their number
And it said man they're getting dumber

We flashed right up by meridian
Talks to my amphibian
Dug right down to the grotto
Had to fake up a fine bravado

and I did follow the money trail
it left a sludge like a greedy snail
A sign right up for it in the street
You'll find a lot there for me

I had to live with the devil every day
Would back up peace and kick it away
Faced a gun held by a moron
My cyborg friend sent em on and on
My cyborg friend sent em on and on

Copyrat/Siamese-wrong/Gather me electric, to carry that song