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Electric Lines - This storm comes so fast
(recorded 02-18-2011) written 2010

Some sort of crazy dream
It's colors are not usual
This page is full of stories
I could not imagine
I will get a ferret and magic sneakers
walk as far as I can
To the clear of things around me.
Sleep under the struggle
as rain clouds fuck in the skies
Not afraid of downpour
wash me away
Clean this place
Clean this space
clean this all around me

My ferret will wear a mini hat just like mine
And the dreams we create
won't be full of your anguish

I should shut out this candle
and turn on the light
I will turn it on
It's gonna be a long long tweetsum day
Every second is your song

Fuckin-A, It's really funny
We wish ourselves here
Soon I will will return
Soon I return

To the dream
To another

To the connections
Shadows to overcome
Its been happening
never is it not
Like to know you
cant shoot someone
with a star
shooting down
Tattoos mark the skin
like your
deja vus swarm my soul

everybody is
everyone will be
tattoos mark your skin
like it didnt happen
we didnt happen but we did

what a world we know
we come and go all the time
even if you didnt know
came to me
came to me
and you were told where you

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