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We played to 6 or 7 people but they multiplied themselves by threes. So it was a fair crowd.
It was solstace and so, without our knowing, parking was hogcrowded and some other town event
stole would-be showgoers from our event via parking space barricades.
It was fun because it was unpredticable or without an order of performer set.
I mean, I liked it. Because whoever wanted to play: would.
Which made sense to me. Because if you know or have read enough by now,
you can understand my sense of feeling to schedules.

This is the Truth Marsupial Lome Star show
I ran over my own foot with a cadillac
we ate chocolate pieces
I ran off into the woods before show time.
It's at kava place
I think that it was a solstace whirlwind,
but who knows?

We set a jar of pickles on stage and it jolted and jumbled.
They burst on out.


World Manul Day

Absolute Wombats! Wombat related celebrations
aptly put, are: each day all the time.



It was Solstice and the evening to night
before 12/22.
Solstice with a circle of Gardena in the centre
of the artist friendly Sacred Root Kava bar.
A time for the happiness of music expression.




reinventions and healings
fox fizzle





Music 2023 check back for updated list

June 22nd 2023 Brookton's Market ~6-8
acoustic/songwriter set






NYC 2009 Photo Essay



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