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Thee galactic categories

This is the Truth Marsupial Lome Star show
I ran over my own foot with a cadillac
we ate chocolate pieces
I ran off into the woods before show time.
It's at kava place
I think that it was a solstace whirlwind,
but who knows?

We set a jar of pickles on stage and it jolted and jumbled.
They burst on out.


World Manul Day

Absolute Wombats! Wombat related celebrations
aptly put, are: each day all the time.



It was Solstice and the evening to night
before 12/22.
Solstice with a circle of Gardena in the centre
of the artist friendly Sacred Root Kava bar.
A time for the happiness of music expression.




reinventions and healings
fox fizzle





Music 2023 check back for updated list

June 22nd 2023 Brookton's Market ~6-8
acoustic/songwriter set






NYC 2009 Photo Essay



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