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Grammmy nominated

Cow Coffee Mugs

Cow Coffee Mugs
Download the entire album with sleeve artwork in a zip folder in high quality kbps here (83.8MB)

Single mp3 files
01 Galactic Foreigner (2:12) 3.5 MB
02 She Puked On Her Way Out (2:36) 4.2 MB
03 Disaster Town (0:48) 1.3 MB
04 Heat In The Sky (2:32) 4.1 MB
05 Peter Face (2:55) 4.7 MB
06 Crickets In The Night (2:42) 4.3 MB
07 Little Miss Sincerity (1:46) 2.8 MB
08 Snail Pileup Car 352 (3:14) 5.2 MB
09 Slumpy Slumpin (2:38) 4.2 MB
10 Auburn Roads (4:04) 6.5 MB
11 Make Up Your Own Wor(l)ds (3:44) 6.0 MB
12 Don't Know How It Occurred (1:23) 2.2 MB
13 Cow Coffee Mugs (3:32) 5.7 MB
14 We're Okay Here (4:09) 6.7 MB
15 Human(e) Leisure Suit(e) (1:13) 2.0 MB
16 Leave Time To Live (3:52) 6.2 MB
17 Rigged To Betsy Bitsy (0:53) 1.4 MB
18 New Time Storybook (1:53) 3.0 MB
19 Leather Upholstery Now (0:56)1.5 MB
20 Freckled A Moo's Face (5:08) 8.2 MB
20 Songs Runtime 52:18 (04/2012)


warning: this album is gluten-free

On you-tube television, with selected moving-images, & some songs taken out!

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Album artwork. Larger resolutions are linked below image (600X600, 900X900.) If trying on a Medium, not that cotton will shrink in the wash.

Cow Coffee Mugs Cover -350,
Front cover
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs_BackCover350
Back cover
600 900 Full

 Cow Coffee Mugs_01-350
Insert 01
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs_02-350
Insert 02
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs_03-350
Insert 03
600 900 Full

 Cow Coffee Mugs_04-350
Insert 04
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs_05-350
Insert 05
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs_06-350
Insert 06
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs_07-350
Insert 07
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs_08-350
Insert 08
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs_09-350
Insert 09
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee A

Cow Coffee Mugs_10-350
Insert 10
600 900 Full

 Cow Coffee Mugs_11-350
Insert 11
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs_12-350
Insert 12
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs_13-350
Insert 13
600 900 12million

Cow Coffee Mugs_14-350
Insert 14
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs 15-350,
Insert 15
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs 16-350,
Insert 16
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs 18-350,
Insert 18
600 900 Full

Cow Coffee Mugs B-350,
600 900 Full

Coffee Coffee Mugs lyrics 1,
Lyrics sheet 1



Coffee Coffee Mugs lyrics 2,
Lyrics sheet 2






Cow C E


"Cows are considered spiritual public figureheads in India because the word "Moo" backwards is (o)"Om.""
- Pete Face.

"This album turned me to tears and made my eyeballs gush up. I had to put down my pasta and and unbutton my paisely shirt,
because I was sweating up a gusset and you know how it gets in this hot dakota heat."
- Stephanie Bojack

UPDATE: SAVE YOUR MONEY! I ran to the dollar store tonight to get a new can opener in a pinch because
I needed to open my dogs prescription canned food, and to my surprise I found THIS SAME can opener.
Idk if this person is buying them and reselling or what.. but these can be bought from the dollar tree for $1.

" I had this can opener for maybe 2 months, and today it broke. It was good at first, but you could tell it
was getting weaker over time. The more cans I opened, each time it became harder and harder to trun
the handle, until one day the little plastic handle just started free spinning.
Whatever kept it anchored to the piece of metal that connected the rotating metal part to the handle, obviously gave way.
I never handled it roughly, and since getting it I've probably opened less than 20 cans total with this. Most of them being cans of
veggies, so nothing abnormal. Not to mention the bottle opening function is also complete garbage. Please produce better quality products."

-Allison Carmichael

Size: pack of 1Verified Purchase

"though i wasn't expecting much, I didn't think it would break(bend) on my first attempt to open a can."

"Nice piece fits well and the pattern and colors were as expected-matches the item I ordered . And washes really
well. l'm giving it a 3 not a 4 as it is very clingy due to static build up. I've utilized fabric softener and/ or dryer sheets in order to avoid static build up
but nothing seems to alleviate the problem long term. I don't have this issue with garments of similar material."

"Love the color and pattern fits a little loose would definitely tell anyone that liked it to buy it well made"

"This wrench set is seriously heavy duty. It comes in a great cloth carrying case and it feels very sturdy. It contains
every size from the tiniest 1/4 all the way up to 1 1/4.

"These wrenches pack some real weight to them. They feel like they’re going to be very strong and long lasting.
My husband is very excited to use them."
-Mister Fantastic

"I love how fast this stuff works but am worried about the crows.
If I don't keep an eye on the birds, they eat these pellets.
The slugs are gone. I just hope I'm not poisoning the other wildlife.

Update. This stuff works great BUT the birds eat it.
If you want it to work make sure you keep the birds away.
I put this stuff in my garden and its gone when I get home from work.

Why are the birds eating this stuff?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
-The King of Bowling

"Slugs were destroying my dahlias. New to gardening,
I asked people for advice and set "beer baits" for
several days. A case of beer later, I wasn't getting all of the slugs
- I felt like I was just attracting more! I put the Sluggo down,
desperate for anything to kill even half the slugs that were threatening my plants.
I reapply it maybe once a month and I have
not seen a SINGLE slug since! This stuff is a miracle product
for me!"
-Ardinyo Spiccoli

"just decided to try this brand because it is a responsibly sourced ,quality brand but the added bonuses turned out to
be the taste and the first time in decades that I haven't suffered with indigestion from canned tuna!!! "
Cyrax the Irrefutable

"I love this product, but my local supermarket has stopped stocking it. Perhaps I am the only one who was buying it?
It is great to have a source for this, but the price is really high. And then, with added shipping, it's just outrageous! I think
I need to learn how to make it myself. But it is good to know it is available."

-"Maggy" Thatcher




All rats revered  

Cow Coffee Mugs by LeeTroamer/LomeMarsupial/Leemonster All Rights Reserved, Released 06/2021