Electric Lines


Electric Lines, Electric Lines
Large movie signs sold into my dreams
Electric Lines, Electric Lines
Unpaid fines for breaking through reality's seams.
Shadows-In a black room
Eyes closed,
nothing on: The fall.
Shadows-Merged through minutes' hands
Pandora's box, The luring call.

The answer is man - Whom crawls on fours
Who walks on two, and three will stumble.
Transparent walls, A deck stacked so neat
But the Joker falls from fooling around.

Like a hanged man, The King starts to crack
up in a laughter as he starts to bleed.
One man who cursed the world is praised and roams free
But a pyro who scorched a tree : Eternity.

Electric Lines- Run Through The Hills
Lightning like the shape of veins
Electric Lines, Weathered like false time
Big gun, No ammo, Yet still he aims.
Nobody will know that the shells are blank
That the firearm contains nothing inside
The click of a gun will make the children run
Just a natural response from coming in from the mind.

Electric Lines, shadows in a black room
Eyes closed, Nothing on- The fall
Shadows merged through the minutes' hands
Pandoras Box - The LURING call.