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Website updates:

11/24/2019A.D. 0:00.8AM:
Website brought along to the sandwich shop.
Like anyone feasibly true to waneward decisions,
does not like anything on rye.

11/25/2019A.D. 2:31AM:
Bid'ness cards printed up. Means real business now!
Shipping more than $10. Sales tax majestic.

11/28/2019 A.D. 8:05PM:
yah! yah! yah!
ya mule yah!
yah! yah! yah!

11/28/2019 A.D. 8:11PM:
Last minute gallery proceedings. Any frames that aren't
shloggy?? Search for wooden frames in storage. Prob-
ably the shloggy ones, though.//
Try to cram videos for patreon into less-than 200MB size.
Learn better fine tuning of .mp4 decoding!?
Or let the ship fly unmanned----
Make little banners for the under-dorsel of many pages.//
Will youtube be gutted in December? Patience will tell.//

11/28/2019 A.D. 8:16PM:
Yah, Mule, Yah!

Some time ago:
Lyrics added. Cleaned spill under 'SPLOCK' section.
Removed speed bumps leading from photo gallery 4 to
the lobby door entrance.

Preparing to add pineapples to lyric page

12/01/2019 11:01AM PRONTO:
Gallery scheduled today, wombats, but it is icey-sleaty-slewwy-snowy.
Ice cream, today, then, and recooperation.
27 degrees outside today, and 76 degrees and a tropical beaute here on the website!
Crawl into your screen to escape the winter storms.
More recording studio components on-the-way, so'll hopfully stir out some newer auditory adventures soon enough. Have like 50 million
demo projects and song skeletons laying about.
Electric likely to go out. Thank god I ironed my egyptian calipso suit hours before signs of the storm.

Electric DID go out.
12/03/2019, 4:14AM:
lots of creative fun. Phantom-story-songs.
Tapping into the 'feeling.' many new song demos
uploaded. Too many more. Made a 'selection' of mp3s also at the audio page, but the songs are better off being heard via album ordering.
Condenser mic on the way. May be able to get crisper sounds,
will see about edit-computer being repair. Need less latency issues as those have been a nightmare. Here's to making the right decisions/
investments, etc. while on a crunch to connect to more creativies.
Gallery is supposed to be up already this Dec. but some snow-days really had rattled things otherwise.

12/04/2019; 7:41AM
Does your tongue have deodorant on it?
What did you do!?

Have been very busy.
02/20/2020 12:01AM
New photography event page added.
1920s serendipity boxcar social.
Larger/prints/stock useage available.
Magic of life was gone then rearrived. Can't keep a muskox down.

Working on nyc photojournal pages. (putting into Events category.)
Figuring out best way to set up pages. Listening to Steven Lookner
talking about BioCoron update. Hickory Smoke flavored Almonds
aren't delectable, but they're here, so I'm going to try to push through munching on the darned things!

02/29/2020 11:41AM
Nyc photo essay, 2009 galleries added [in events page] Getting over being sick. Crikey. Rebuild immune system to
top-notch. Hack Flem Glah

Everybody's in a pandemic. I'm eating a chicken pot pie. Yesterday was Good Friday. I am trying to get an Amish cabin. Good phone calls help a lad. Someone close ain't so close, and it ought to be more than close.
What is close?
Updated artwork section. Adding notes section to text page. More
photojournal galleries to put into events. But it is warming out.
Updating Patreon. Will send out sticker packs of homemade stickers, or stenciled art, and items of sorts as donation rewards.
Otherwise at a tight rope above a threshold, trying to work
gear and the efficiency of gear.
New hard drives, music, equiptment, things to produce zines, and
all sorts of functionality-derived. supporty diy support diy support diy.
More site updates.


Hello there Lassie.
I apologize for such a long drawl-back from the last posting of site-updates.
One thing is that I had to get back to a usual shape. Also, life has been busy. & not in a site-productive way. Clearly! Also, No I did not get the terpid, dispicable Rona. No, Lassie, I did not!
But I am writing to say that I updated my equiptment pretty well. It has been hard to decide where to place any life-updates, alterations to media setups, and any general, interesting ongoings. Or for one manner or another, if any readers give a darn about it. I know there are blogs, social media pigeon traps, and many forms and ways. You have to bounce all over, really. Much like you are bounced all over the place trying to find a real
and live human being through a phone line, to get information about appointments or what we call general life-ambition protocol.
I'd had to recuperate from a bicycle calamity smash up.
Where I struck a deer. And was on the heal-and-heal
much sense then.
That's another story.
There's so many stories. But I'm alive and hope to get-to adding some
more up here pretty soon.
Happy Late New Year and Whoever reads this I hope they
treat themselves well. It's no joke out there.
The Greatest Satire, ever? Possible! But not a joke,

Happy August.
I forgot this page exists. Who would visit such a thing!? You? Some antiquity of an Americana
mutation alien of the past and present and now? I added some music to Spotify and redid the drapes at the main channel. Well most of the main channel forefront of this site was updated.
I'm presently eating some more hot peppers as the morning winds in. All the birds are very content and energetic outdoors, even the ones with feathers, too!
I think the world has gone rather f__king mad.
Lots has happened in my life yet well here I am. I'm trying to uptighten and semi-bolt in the website here again. I'm not even sure what unkempt jokes I may have made above, but I'm sure many are by now alarming, as things tend to be. There goes my humor again!

But I had sorted out some bafoonery of music distribution and almost even bit the tail end, by now. It's not all tidied up yet really. But for the most part I am in the doncitions, conditions--- of having caught up well enough to have my own songs within my own ballpark yet again.

Well I have to say I've become even further antisocial and strayed away from the 'humanities' as ever had been. Also the electric went out the other evening and a huge tapering electric wire
did crawl across the roadway, and down into touching the near draught creek, and up through the bends of the high hills. It wasn't a completely draught creek however and so that was a situation.

I'm editing lots again. I don't really "go out" all that much.
There's a resonator that has a pickup I am trying to rally and garner into my possession.
It's the same really as a cheap make that I still think plays buttery and fine. Just it has the pick up built in. I was wagering ideas against just adding a pick up onto the one I have, but that cost is more or near more than half the cost of the instrument itself.
I'd ordered a super jumbo but it had a weathered bridge, and was going to be an issue.
I'd had lots of damn issues with music gear and returns and it's been an ordeal of sorts.

Well now a lot of those 2012 releases were put to the streaming sites, hmm, the official! so they say, streaming services. There are a few tracks I am remastering and it is getting me into wishing to remaster or remix entire albums. And I get hankering and catching onto that process and see myself getting a little obsessive towards that. Where so many other ideas between then and now, and now and beyond, are at the waiting deck ready to step up and bat.
But it seems exciting enough. For "Setting" and "It's Raining Boneclad Gizmos" and all that.
Thank Lord I haven't accumulated to professional enough in the soundscape.
But I think the Chameleon Shelter and Boneclad Gizmo and especially Reckless Recluse strata of music is a heap different from some of the recent children of songs that I have in an aim
toward albumdom. Like what is presently at the demo sound preview page, once I'd gotten that resonator guitar, and the Fishman Loudbox. The 'Dance of the Guttersnipe' sessions --I think a lot of fun ideas can emerge from all of it. And it feels Americana, or exhaling in the right breath of what it is I want to do.

So getting back to even editing at all, through remastering older songs, is kind of cracking my knuckles and doing mental stretches, to possibly prepare, for what does come as yelling at my computer time to time, and dealing with some minutae of a bit of it all. Because you, or I, I guess, have to do each little part of it all, and then every major part of the process too. And I'm sure listening to stuff like Chameleon Shelter or Parads Sce Live especially, it just sounds like some haphazard maniac dropping animosity or uncalculated chaos. Meanwhile I was prying as much useability out of all and any of those sound formats.

A lot of time came to listening to music again, too. I think there were years where, on intention, I hadn't listened to a thing at all. Then I poured in to not recording, not creating, having life things going on. Mostly major, mostly outside of myself-self, but personal enough, with all going on around me, and getting bummed out and unenthused for sure. Well anyhow I had listened to music again by lots of other artists and so on.
Now I'm back with time and the ableness to get to my own stuff.
I'm still shadowbanned or "algorithmically f__ked" so to say but what can ya do?
The newer materials cater more to song schemas and song structures. The others were song plays. Audio splices, fledging and shuffling decks of internal cut-up processes like Burroughs or Leary's or Eris' ideas of dream posturing. I mean Chamelon Shelter is gleamy and precise but chaotic and intolerable,
and very frightening in certain parts. It's surreal and was some Joyce situation living itself out while I filtered and mothered it all right through.
Except having the resonator, and fishman amp, and that Indonesian made Eppy EJ00-SCE come along,
I could have some more clarity in a recording process. Otherwise, why A Leme Harot, Chameleon Shelter, and all of that last "big batch" of albums in 2012 that was released, how so much of it came to be daunting and 'anti song structure' was really just working out unlistenable quality in actual recordings, and turning it into
anything I can actually "hand in."
Now, at least, I can have some clarity.

So there are a few punches still to knock through between a distribution nightmare that I would define through maybe a few of these missing years here. And with life things having happened
I didn't even get a total amount of time or energy able to put in to taking care of that. Which would have amounted to lawyery wadings and timely mannered orientations of that frankly frustrating bulls__t of having some slimeball distribution company giving me lots of leftover spillage to clean up after they bailed in fulfilling their word.

All-DIY can be a thing where you give up on it all completely when you run out of steam for that kind of thing. Doing that stuff managers are supposed to be doing but you're your own
managers and also you're, at the same time, supposed to be involved and splicing out and seeding that creative process too. It's overwhelming and some s__t.
Well luckily then, I'm mutated enough to persist,
even despite the arenas and placements in all of this that anybody sane enough would have given up in many times over.
I'd just do what I already do regardless, and will continue to. Though those things in life outside of those headaches,
serious ongoings and so on, when life's gone unto being taken seriously, then traditional functioning itself, let alone the creative world and expressing concepts or birthing creative things, each day became a tendril on the damned behemoath.

So what can ya do? What can ya say?
I'm in renegade mode all over again. and have some ideas or textures of whatever next steps there are to just
sort of express, and come up with ideas. And try things out.
Having fun with ideas and song plays, and honing in on some atmospheres as kind of little moving paintings. And staying
the hell away from social appeal or the "next big topic of the world's word of mouth." The little scenes and atmospheres
of song or picture or prose or idea are romantic wildernesses where even if I alienate the hell out of any observer or
push any people away via what it is that I'm doing, I still find it calming and helpful and therapuetic to go on and through
making any of this stuff. Those times I have to dip into the material collective world, it's more like, hey collective, you do your life. Me, I'll do mine. I'm sure it seems malconceived, you know, to the collective normal world, just to me, phantoms, ghost stories, smooth apocalypses, poetry to me feels rightfully put and interesting.
I'm disenfranchised from the entire world in many beyond a divit of a way, and it feels to be a healthier kind of way to be, given how deep the "death urge" of the modern world dresses and lathers into a kind of estimation that all the present norms seem ever so demented and misdirectional and without the sort of "Magnum Opus"
that all scripts of idealogues should really have a notepad towards.
To be "okayed" by the mass populace seems more terrifying beyond anything conceivable!
Their death-cults, they do not seem to even have any breath pockets of life or giddyness to be!


I wanted to add a part caled 'Blamble' to this site.
There is a lot to add and to update. There is a lot of music that since all the old albums has a truer definition and a little more scratch and clarity and denigration. But right now,
I know if I added anything visual or auditory, the storing process would be absolutely cluttered.
Even trying to organize any files, it all meshes together. Text meshes with visual, visual pairs with
audio, and so what do I do!?
Well I added a 'denigration' placeholder "OUT TO BREAKFAST."
I'm out to breakfast. That's the 'tending to other things' image added to the front.
Maybe I should re-do the whole site as nothing but a mergefactor.
As in it is pages and pages of just visuals mixed with hand drawn and hand scrawled items.
Sorting things between ARTICLES and then photo galleries, all that sort of thing..
I think I just want to describe certain days and wanderings, and to get a sense of the
experience of lots of things that associate with a certain photograph.

There's SPLOCK. There's--- well there should be BLAMBLE, but I'm no orderly person with all of these things. It's decades past due to get some sort of t-shirt store site up and out there. But I'd want the quality to be really well.
Because I think 'FIZZLE' shirts would be fun and I have lots of ideas for them (Fizzles) should ya know what they are.
But I want to have lots of fun with things. I'm feeling very Beetle Bailey with design, or patch design, and will likely always be stuck in "old school internet" mindsets
for how this all is typed and displayed and conveyed. Because its "what I know" but also personally just more fun to browse through that way in finding new things, leaving
different traces, having hidden pages or things to explore. But man I get lost in where I leave things off even to my self organizing it that way.
But to steadfast tread, or steadfast tread
I mean I don't know. Even some teller shorted me 1hund just a few weeks ago but I didn't realize it until after the fact. I got the name and face and place for it too!
You're supposed to otherwise toss cash aka life energy accumulation to insurance and resources and all this and that and they're like feeders, you know? Well I gotta
have them back off or implement to my own resources. So what do I got? Hardgoods, stories, experiences, or unique experiences but am I here to market me? Well likely
I probably better! Because otherwise it's back to the coal mines, you know? Well abruptly comparitively anyhow.

So clear my head, clear my mind a bit, breathe some of this handful bag of teabags dropped into a cup---tea cup... and cold ass coffee right here with dented sipping rims.
Have been doing morning walks and mostly lately it's been in the dew. Wet slight rain and hotter than imaginable, but a good circuit of actual routine. Maybe one of the 1st things I'd built into a routine in a long actual while.
But it's so sweltering, or has been, each time lately. And it looks desolate out there, each time. Where is everyone!? Well who knows.
I have to step out in a few.
I think my exploration or taste for the unknown was suppossed to have died by now, come this age, and come this generation, and in general for how sort of softened or reneered this tech world did us all in.
And I think adding some honest to goodness business and product reviews up soon may satiate my needing-to-express satisfaction to some good quality instrument devices I've been able to work
with as of late, and good shop experiences with maybe bicycle repair and the like, to, as well, of course some very staunchy and horrific experiences with salesfolk and age-of-arrogance carenot for humans experiences with possibly maniacal dentists and also Forester sales-folk. It is cruel to leave people in pain
for sport and dodgy by the least to enact that concept of sleazy and dispicable swanky automobile salesperson. Especially when they tackily despose their shlock of sportscar-waving kind of cyanide personality, eh, Greg!?

Well regardless. Okay I have a second resonator guitar now as a sort of kickaround guitar. It'd be fine to write up about
that in one of these article sections I was just talking about, and not here. This is for website updates ain't it!?
Well I could use some more bottles and markers of ink. And I ordered colored pencils to try out and will see just how they
work. Visual pencil work and drawings, creatures, slogans, backdrops and anything of anything really I had faltered to
not even working out on completing. See because I was supposed to dry up or burn out or all those things.
I'm realizing now touching a toothache that never should have been (thanks new dentist, you cruel meanderer)
that my reportings for the human experience can still provide to be lively and I musn't rest on saying things in the way
for how I wish to say them. It just wouldn't hurt to have some assistance time to time!
For dialing the dials right in recording or maybe a bit of some optimism support.
Cruel gleams I see!
and signs of a toppling civilization let alone industries usurped by trendy dopes!
See I should be making my breakfast first. Get these hunger aches out of the way, refresh the slate. So I have a few songs to listen to to kick me into a good mood, I think. As it approaches 8'0'clock here

Ya ya ya I have to do some homework or planning then on sectioning up more of what I'm to add here.


Have to sit here with this weasel mink wrapped around me. Quick daylight. Pulled some blue tarp that kept the snow off of my car
windshield. It kept the snow off. Bulk of the snow weighing the tarp down caught onto my driver side window wiper attachment adjuster replicator adapter mount. Piece of the wiper attachment adjuster replicator adapter mount got pulled off. Comparing fixing or replacing that with instead shovelling then scraping the snow buildup off the window itself. But it's cold here.
Ain't a people person (At All!) lately and keeping animals fed for the most part and enjoying animals quite a bit. And have been appreciating them over the warm seasons as well. But it's dead as cold cold with nights going on all day in December.
I have some ink pens I'm trying to figure out how to revive because there are multiples of dozens of them. So it appears they'd all dried out to well-out dry. Perhaps turpentine to soak the tips into, if it is just the dab tips. But if it's the entire soakie foam inside the pen
tube then they're good as gone, so'll clear up minor space and add to some small trash bag with lots of pens that were ready to go but never used.

Some minor web stuff updated. Moreover that Forester I was complaining about was sold. I was up into my spiralling out of life with vehicle stuff going on. Then I went to wanting to lighten up, especially on projects I couldn't get to. So the Honda motorbike I just a few weeks ago, that soon, had sold. For a
price that wouldn't allow any darn haggling. I need to practice that, the whole bargaining thing but who has time in life?
And with recieiving low offers, you know, like criminally insane low offers--- I had that on a Gretsch Resonator I listed recently. A really insane low offer made by a well-to-do transplant into this town here. Well okay. My contemporaries loathe me. That's a way to be I guess. I wouldn't mind except it takes
networking to get anywhere pretty much. But it's all transplants here and they make the rules of what got them to first of all break the towns which they fled from.
But they have pacts and all of that. And well one of them made a horrific enough offer on a rather charming instrument enough to likely write a song about it, on that instrument, too. Offered double I wouldn'ta wanted em to have it! Can't be played by a lowballer, no way.

So I sold the Honda motorbike for way low for how great the frame and condition is on it. I couldn't run a course really to get that
in order, the system of battery recharging. Maybe I'd have to switch a headlight out to not suck as much charge to.. Had all these parts saved on an item watch menu, you know.. stator, from one seller, headlight from another, then an alternator just in case.. oh and spark plug cables. I don't know, dancing around where one thing to replace might pop up after taking care of something before seemed like I'd need to adapt into that sort of wheel house. So I'll ride my 400 and maybe get a fuel injected and more recent 750 or up some other day. But the person will appreciate and get it running right I think. And that's part of passing something along. Code of putting it to use. So whatever darn collector's loss in the value - the person will care for it. And I can use what was paid for it to get some newer tires onto the 400. I have to go over it a bit, it's in a winter storage setting right now.

For the website here, well, I renewed the registry or something regarding it. That was a whomp. So I should take advantage of the space I am able to use and add some things. I realize now it will never be organized really, and my attempts to organize anything at all will leave out any actual tactiful stacking or
placing or folding or manuevering. Things just fly everywhere or get disorganized no matter what.
But that shouldn't cease the plotting to create.
Since everything is all over the place, and categorizing sound from audio and sketch from photo or writing and scrawling or quick notes or whatever it may be.. you know, since my contemporaries hate me then why not!? Then I just idealized some formation called 'P0RTAL.'
And if I make a portal to lead out from maybe the home page, or at the tail end of every other page I have already up, it can hop into multimedia and free form stream of consciousness kinds of pages. That are living and that are breathing.
Because having had this expectation to confine and contrain on things like photograph pages for example, there has to just be several things going on all at once. That's the only thing that makes moreso an amount of sense for what it is that is living and breathing through this contradiction and soul refinement called self, and life and death, and wit and blunder, or earning scratchings into the constant moving mud called self and expression. And beign in a platoon of contemporaries hating me. Because having been chaddowbanned as harshly as I freaking have put a nerve pain into my tooth that led to my ear and that blows. But I will march through time and moment and sturdy my framework while still hopefully lightening my foot step.

Anyway the last two years I'm going to not pretend didn't exist but to gather them together and run them through a net. And whatever comes out the
bottom I'll call it some adjacent sanctity or sorts and whatever is stuck in the net I'll see it as thick glump that I don't want anything but absolute parcing from.
Also it is 6:28 PM and feels like midnight or past. An orange striped but mostly white cat with albino blue eyes frequents the place here and I built an ornate shelter for em yet no matter what there is a tinge of snow drip richochet that hits into the front of the entrance. I'll try to play niceley with human kind
and all of that sort of thing but I wonder of the actuality of sparseness or compatibility or quantity of the soul.

Apparently some pages were lopsided. I went in and fixed that.
Also Happy New Year

Sections updated with things. Shadow Swoon Hiss The Dead Man had mp3 links returned. I removed them several years ago
when the site had a different free hosting URL propping all this up. And I had thought the older material was downright scuzzly
and beneath newer efforts and ideas. but listening back realize maybe it shows some idea of direction and song and topic
experimentation and where such were headed.
So I'm content to add old ideas and songs and thises and thatsets again. I think just during some times of having written any
of those are attached to bittersweet memories and that sort of thing. There were things I deleted completely off archive.org,
also, and can't really re-direct to at this point now, save for completely re-uploading.
One of those was LIFE:the ADVERTISEMENT. And I think I played all of that album off a sound card music program
that came with a CD. It was SoundBlaster:LIVE on an old windowXP computer. And because it was the only way or reasonable pursuit as how to do it, some music keyboard program where I only had the mouse and keyboard from the PC to drag and click and grapple at, became that whole LIFE:the ADVERTISEMENT thing.
Well anyway, yeah the 4 end songs actually were some piano piece where I brought a camera in to record
some playing where I was able to time and time rare enough find some pianos to play on. That made it as the outro songs.

Shadow Swoon Hiss The Dead Man kinda, looking at it as a narrator's unenveloping of topics, makes sense.
Somehow it makes sense! It's interesting more so me what some of the slants of idea are or what's between.
Lately I had been re-putting videos and songs hosted onto videos to the rumble.com site. I'd found its quality so! much more functional than youtube. The images are clearer and the sounds seem crisper.

am trying to add to the developing REALM page but going into total tediums for thinking of how in the world to organize it. To Keep pages in pages, or add audio into audio only, image into image only, all of that kind of compsure into what always does end up in mini tornadoes of cluster messes.
Those pages would represent a lot better, however. Poems and images and words and songs, videos too or maybe splicing videos into .GIFs.
This is all just site news there is other interesting ongoings yet my back and neck are splying with a need for a stretch. But that splying was earned, via I had been here sitting, and with what peace I was blessed with finally for some moments, able to work at things. And to contruct. And think about directions and all that sort of thing. I am in a dire wish that there are no humidity issues with my Epiphone Jumbo guitar. And likely need a case (hard shell) for it PRONTO. but custom made some hydration pieces spliced into the padded guitar case. Well I don't know,
We'll see... and I'd been playing guitar whenever I can and finding it hones into a meditation and spuriously
rejuvinating happiness. Contentedness no matter what is being played. It is massively fun. And I am having fun
and enjoying it quite well. No recording, or really anything of it other than just sitting down and playing.
Kind of washing away the terrors and confusions and damned scorn at what this world had occurred,
and seems to be, and the hastyness of it all and so on.
It's what makes sense, just playing and putting what is feeling through playing.

Had a fishman amp start smelling like hot burning material. That's a no go!
Making the about page more vibrant. Super contented with adding some life to pages. Same was done with the events page. still have to catch up with past things to add to it like shows played and galleries and all of that but wantin' to keep with the present mostly. Just playing guitar really happily in the 5AM mornin' time now and the tones on this instrument are so pleasing. Bracing to add more pages and see if I know how to organize them at all at all.


Adding album notes to certain pages.
Giving the style and customization and character to some pages
that they had needed for a while. Really wet feet from snowfall
outside. I'm having fun figuring out design elements for these, and adding some purpose and layout to things that were already created.
Remembering some of the work put into certain projects. Giving a go to release more sometime but no rush really. Most of the close people to me in my life kinda harkened my want or ableness to tap into directive so I am putting it on me soley to tune them out and to be my own rising force. not being played and commandeered by people who could give a damn less.

Hey Look I even added a new background or theme to this page as well.
Pretty sure I lost all the previous formatting though so I'll fix that when I actually can. Is that important among this chance to exist!? It may be, depending on compulsion, I think.
Well now anyhow, I'm writing some album notes stuff for Pocket Moths and made that page look like how it is supposed to be represented. I'm content doing all of that. I found a comfort sort of just writing up with no pressure.
Explaining the processes a little bit better and just plain giving some practice to writing as I go along. I like to be transparent with creative processes. Because it's just as wondersome to me at times, and maybe could lead to having some better blueprints for future ideas.
You know, I should have given up a long damn time ago, to be fair, on this journey of creativity. At times it's like every damn thing is against you, if it's fair to say that. But I'm adding on, giving it what I've got yet still.
None of it is ever what it's "supposed to" be and it's getting more obvious all the time. But from within, it somehow turns and is made from what I've got to give it. Like, I can make due winging these pages together. And with songs, somehow they eventually turn out and like you get what you get. If it's ever absolutely pristine or something, I think what I'm trying to say is that, then it wouldn't feel like it was meant to be.
So here I am then, web-editor patch and cap on. Dreading ever having to make a website or another website for anybody else. Because I held on by the seam of my pants before with that proccess. And even looked at some times like I knew anything about what I was doing.

The best thing this site can do, at least, is to keep me away from all of those other sites. And I'll customize as much as I possibly can, and make little hidden alleyways and straypaths here and there. This is an idea of what the web is to me, regardless, and not stricken to the social media thing. It blurrs my affections like television does, how crammed the formats sometimes can be on those sites. Even though ya don't have to worry about size limitations for the most part on them. Still it's like its all a competition or something and yet again feeling lost in the mix of the endless endless abysses of content is really dehumanizing to things that can otherwise take more of a patience, and also an ability to fine tune and even re-visit.

My brain still wants to type 2021 for the year for some reason. That's as little of important or residue of a habituation that my habits really care to carry when jotting numerics. Tomorrow I'm supposed to stay present and reachable for some ongoings and repair but feel like just sinking into a hammock facefirst and snoring for once, if only that possibility were a reachable one. There aren't any hammocks set up o r nearby.
I'd added some backgrounds and put these things called -spheres- up onto the site. Some of the backgrounds I livelied up and brightened while others are brand new. It's been fun and I feel like I'm getting pretty good at crafting those.
Otherwise, also, I re-linked some older albums and songs. Ones I took links down from a while ago just because I had for whatever reason, had felt that, I didnt associate with those certain sounds or maybe some mainframe rebirths had several reboots from then until now.
But I realize or see that they were things being crafted and ideas being formed, no matter the thriftyness of some of it looking back. And owning up to all creations that were stepping stones seems like an okay thing to have available.

Well now, anyhow
There's so much to add for image galleries and I have been years behind that. And years behind it with feasible reasons. As well as working on adding and updating and doing a whole lot. But not with the massive quantum leap of total constant work work and output work output work work work. Because I'd likely burn my sensory capabilities going constant and 24/7 with that. There's like a near-decade gap, though and hopefully some quality maturing that had occured from since-to-present. And other writings and expressions also that capped out for really having been shared down to only so many years back.
I feel burnt out even now trying to keep up with what my intentions are for creative pursuits.
I'd like to go sit at a riverside somewhere and maybe sort things out. To have a long breath and deep thinking. It's between myself and nature and animals really, or some gleam of spirit that is not subservient to the posture of mankind and its folly, or civilization and its absolute mass imbalance. But between myself and nature and animals, and a connecting thread that may be a sort of energetic or electric sentience. Nothing I do creatively anymore, as I find a finally peaceful moment here without interuption or my energy sucked away by others dramas and distractions, and I'll continue: nothing I do creatively is for by any means presented toward or into the goals of connecting toward the human populace or collective. It really seems to me that the search for wisdom and truth and for self-balance and humility has parsed in such extreme ways that as far as civilization and culture and what we call humanity, that it is nearly irrepairable.
If I can sit and calm myself, and life will bless me with some moments of !PEACE!, and I can go into my own moments, and stabilize into who it is that I Am, you know... then I could write something useful and helpful about that. And add it to the writing section which could be dusted off and updated.
If I can also be clear, and self-understanding enough about my place and presence for having this experience as a being on this planet, it really does seem to just be unto my own thing.. my own process and self-selective kind of participation where if I fully hone in onto my path's actual reason to be... it is very obvious that it is not for the many. and that even if I explained it in very tangible terms and with clear communication, the world is severely moreso hard pressed to be addicted to commotion and distraction, and to problem-think and to, well, glamour and being mesmerized.
What I produce or the intent of the expressions I try and be a medium for, when all serious about doing such, comes with the Rawness of something. And it is obviously too intense in the sensory aspects. Possibly overwhelming, evenso if the message and mode is complete with the conveyance and good intent of Truth.

Doing some quite boring or menial edits to the site. Resizing artwork page thumbs to 370 each. Means just dragging each fullsize render in to editing and recropping a close to approximate as the lower sized images had been. Wasn't getting a lot of preview accuracy with the smaller sized thumb images. Have still been adding to the Rumble.com site for videos and linking over and updating and video hosted content, as the quality for audio via rumble is in my opinion a few steps up compared to youtube.
Wishing best to all my pals who score super rich girlfriends then plain forget about anyone close to em. Have fun with all your travels and riches!
Musically have been bone-dyeing some guitar saddles and customizing a Yamaha FS800 folk size guitar. having a good time learning some of the adjustments within the process. Love music so much. One of the last cathartic things to really do on this earth plane.


I didn't think it'd take that long to resize hundreds of blocks. But I reblocked those blocks and even segment-compartimentalized those blocks, and now those blocks are triad rows of singular levels of 40-48 rows with clickable destinations.
At least I did get to listen to old DEVO, who I am convinced merely travel back through time and release songs. Because finding that much new (to you) material when are sure you have heard it all is a real delight. A true delight!
A similar feeling of true delightful happiness was the first watch of each episode of the Twilight Zone. If there could be a more heavenly feeling in participating in or with experiencing such creative work, then that is very much welcome into this life experience.

So for music release stuff I really want to sift through things that hadn't been put to distrokid yet. Not that I am sure if I do or don't like it. I think I am harshly critical upon things which I'm sure I worked on a bunch in those times of having the creative pursuits of creating em all. For Reckless Reclusion, and even maybe Top Pop Classics of the Astral Realm.
Mainly I am just digging and sifting and fishing and searching and sending out all and all signals for finding higher quality formats for those albums. Seeing if those are available in storage someplace anyplace. If that isn't the case then I'll do what it takes which is to locate MP3 files instead and see which highest bitrates are there and resample em into the high formats. And then upload to distrokid who'll put them to the other streaming services.
Just think that its over, having that nightmarish ongoing with the other streaming service who didnt let me get access back to my own stuff. and caused those rights violation claims when I was reposting and promoting my own material. Crikey.
Still though I have a few lyrics that ----does this go against the rule??? I wish to dub out or change a line or two of some lyrics. And then upload them.
I think I'd been getting passive aggressive and super snarky on social media seeming that I surely am algorithmically rendered pushed out of content accessibility. Which really gets my horn blasting. This new age of the web is really materialistic and absolutely normalized. Which is why I have this site. But yes I've been rather moodsome and dry humored on any social media thing out there basically just self-referencing passive aggressive lunges at the idea none of any of it will be seen or have any engagement whatsoever. which gets fishy and annoying after a while when you are at least some of the time presenting images or creations that should be getting responses. So is it dead-internet? I'm not sure. Looking at the "ways" of the world lately and the message promoted, however, really makes one think.

It's near 6:30 AM though. And I am trying to get active again via physicality and keeping in hopefully good form. Such as riding a mule into a river.
I have to do more stuff on this thing. Should set up a store or something so I can get this thing paid for, too, or so that it can pay for itself somehow. Like a print store or something. Or some fizzlemonsters made onto t-shirts. And stickers and all of that. Put that off for a few years. But need to know which press companies actually make quality goods.
Yeah let's get into marketing. Wa hoo. Iunno I am getting pretty alright with designs. Right now I am yawning a hell of a lot though. I was up for quite some hours figuring things out.
I'm going to put on a pot of coffee and have some of that while taking a warm bath. I ate a bowl of tomato soup within the last 2 hours. I ate a bowl of tomato soup within the last 2 hours. I ate a bowl of tomato soup within the last 2 hours. oops. Sorry. No I only had one bowl of that soup, not that many.
Maybe I'll just pop one of those things of instant coffee open and have some of that instead.